Lessons from Failure

Everyone fails at some point in life. It could be due to various reasons. Some people may have experienced failure at early stages of life while others may experience at a later stages in life. Some people may associate failure with a complete stop in life and may be unable to move on. However it is through failures that we learn the important lessons in life. The inventions that we see today like  aircrafts, the light bulb, telephone and so on were due to the failures of the people who tried to invent them but their failures did not stop them from reaching their final destination.

Most successful people in the world wouldn’t want to revert their clocks and go back to status quo instead they would rather be grateful for the failures they’ve experienced along the way. I share with you 4 things that I got to know about failure in my journey so far.



1.Failure is success delayed

Failure is not necessarily the end of the road. Sometimes when we fall the damage is little and other times its severe and hurt overselves. Most of the time, we’re worried more about the fear of failure rather than the failure itself. Questions such as What will others think of me keep pondering our minds. However we need to keep remind ourselves that failure is not necessarily the end of the road but its success which is delayed.

2. Transformation

No one has experienced success without first failing in one way or the other. Some may have had to endure only a few failures before success while others have endured thousands.

When you fail, something happens, you start transforming yourself and begin to refocus your priorities in life. You prioritize on things that matter to you. You begin to look inwards at yourself and at your life and you come to realize the things that are of utmost importance to you.

3. Perspective

Major failures may help you change your perspective on things such as time and money. Whether it’s failure in business, relationships, or anything else. The decisions we make in life have impacts and consequences on our life.

As long as you learn through failure, then you’ve made yourself a stronger platform for success in future.

4 People who you associate with

From each success or failure, you will be able to tell how many true friends you have. When you are successful everyone wants to be around you. But, when you fail, many of those so called friends disappear.

A true friend doesn’t care how rich you are or what car you drive or what you do but he is always there to always support you regardless of who or where you are.

Please feel free to comment on your views.




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