Day to Day life

In this 21st century, our modern day life contains so much worry. Our mind is exhausted from various day to day things. Why can’t we tell ourselves that our happiness is one of the most important things in this life.

Today I share a few concepts with you from one of the books I read recently about success and happiness.

1.Nurture your Mind

Your mind can your most valuable asset or destructive weapon. It is estimated that about 50,000 thoughts pass through the human mind everyday. Most of these thoughts are useless or not important.

It is hard to let go negative thoughts especially criticism. They can mentally hinder your personal growth. Feeding your mind with positive and uplifting thoughts is crucial in attaining the success you desire.

      2.Be uncomfortable

Step out of your comfort zone. Success begins in the inside first. It is buried inside everyone of us. Identify the things holding you back from doing what you want to do and do them as you will be building on your own path to success.

The more the burning desire in you, the more successful you will become.

3. Value your time

Live as if today were your last day. Ask yourself what would you do if today was your last day?

Do not live a life of mediocrity. Push yourself to do more everyday. Most of our time is dedicated to the day-to-day activities, some of which influence the quality of our life. Say “no” to some things in your life and prioritize the important things.

4. Gratitude

Practice gratitude regularly in your life. The secret to happiness is helping others. Practicing gratitude daily plants an seed in you that each day is blessed. The richer the relationship you build around you, the more abundance comes your way.

5. Goals

Setting a goal will give our mind direction and a sense of motivation. Goal setting will help our mind to analyze where we are standing presently and also helps us stay on track.

Goals allow your mind to place an importance indicator on every thought you have, whether it is important or useless. It is something simple yet most people do not have or do not set goals . Goals are really just focusing your things you want and discarding everything else.


As I conclude this article, I will emphasize on time. It is one our our most important asset. Save time. Try learning something new everyday. Spend time doing what you like and look for new ways of doing it.  The above concepts are from my perception and I believe that there everyone’s perception is different. Some may agree with what I said and others may not.

Please feel free to drop your comments.


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