My bumpy road


Its 7.30 am on 3rd May 2011, a chilly morning in Nairobi. The road was busy. People and cars seemed to go about their own hustle and day to day business.

I stared out the window and thinking about what I wanted to do with my life. I have always wanted to do everything in life when I was in high school starting from Software engineering, Finance, Computer science, Archeology and Geologist but was not focused on any of the options.

I had to make a decision in about 2months time but did not what do when I go to college, I found lots of people saying “Go for doing what you love.” which to me seemed so difficult to find. I was an avid reader about business/personal finance books and inspirational books which then led me to develop interest in accountancy.

I started off by failing the first papers as I did not have focus and mindset for accountancy but I realized that failing an exam doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t do it. It means you will even do better next time. Self belief is something which every student needs to have in my perspective.

The next few papers went relatively smoothly until I reached the Professional level where merely reading is not enough to tackle the exams as questions tend to scenario based. This is where I failed two papers again.

However with self belief and confidence,  support of my parents I was able to complete ACCA and now working as Audit and Tax semi-senior at a local audit firm.

Please feel free to drop your comments regarding this article.

Thank you for reading.



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