Glimpse of WIndows 10

Windows 8 was not successful as anticipated by Microsoft. It was mainly aimed towards touch screen devices. Upon release, Microsoft claimed sales of 200 million however we do not know how true this figures are. Compare that with sales of windows 7 which passed 240 million within 12 months.



Windows 10


The company now decides to release windows 10 in January 21st next year. This are some of the things to look out for:


Start menu – Windows 8 proved to be less user-friendly users were not familiar with the metro interface and  start button was removed which they were used to like in the previous distributions. However in windows 10 this issue has been resolved. It’s like a hybrid menu now.

Multiple screens – Though this was there in windows 8 however there have been slight improvements made to it.  Switching between multiple screens is now easier.


  • There is nothing new as such as the metro interface is still similar to windows 8 and a few additions from windows 7.


  • For users with tablets, they will have to wait some time before they get they get the ‘tab’ version


  • Although Microsoft is targeting companies with its latest release, It may not be reliable for corporate users as it will have ensure that problems like in windows 8 do not appear in windows 10.


In conclusion, windows 10  It’s still under development so it’s not possible to give a detailed view as there may be many changes between the developer version and the final release.









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