Linux Mint 15 – Olivia

March 15, 2013

Its been quite a while since I have not updated my blog. My last article was on the features of Ubuntu 12.10 release.
In this article I will give some brief information about Linux Mint 15 which will be released in May.

1) Cinamon 1.8: Cinamon is a user interface developed for Mint just like Ubuntu has its Unity interface. New features in this include:
Desktop widgets or desklets such as system monitor, terminal, pictures video and slideshow frames, ability to install and uninstall cinamon themes, Bump mapping (is a technique in computer graphics for simulating bumps and wrinkles) and improved applets such as mail notifier and RSS reader applets.

2) Nemo 1.8: This is a default file manger forMint just like Nautilus is for Ubuntu. Some improvement for this include; Improved User interface, File preview ability and disk management.

3) Mint Display Manager(MDM): This is the defualt display manager for Mint based on Gnome display manager. Previously it was on version 1.06 but with Mint 15 it will be upgraded to 1.2. Some of its features include: an interactive detachable tabs, Support bookmarks in the side bar, collapse sidebar categories, enhanced image properties & you can send files via thunderbird and xdg email (A tool used for send mails using one’s preferred email composer). You can find out more about xdg-email here.
Last but not least it will provide HTML 5 powered login screens which means a superb login screen looking much better than its previous versions.