Ubuntu 12.10 at a glance

“Avoid the pain of Windows 8 & get Ubuntu 12.10 today.” These words welcoming Ubuntu 12.10 as seen on the Ubuntu website on the 18th October 2012 just days before Windows 8 will be released. Microsoft has put a tremendous effort on it and it will include many applications with it. The good news is Windows 7 users will be able to upgrade to it at a subsidized rate.
When some people hear the word “Linux” they get a picture a very complicated System to use. They say, “Linux is too complicated”, “it’s free so why should I use it”, “it doesn’t have a market so I cannot use it.” and many more endless comments. I would say they are suffering from stereo type thinking. They are programmed to think in one direction only.
I would like to go over a few new features in Ubuntu 12.10 – Quantal Quetzal.

1) A new Kernel version 3.5.4

2) Python 3

3) Updated versions of GIMP, Firefox 16.01, Libreoffice 3.6.2 etc.

4) Web Integration

5) Quick App installation

The web integration can be used through the new Online accounts feature, with which you can to add in your Facebook, Google and other accounts from one window.

Unity 2D is no longer there. Unity 3D is the way forward. However there are people out there who criticize it and as an alternative use Linux Mint – MATE or Cinnamon. I will not go into details regarding Unity.
However one of the best things that I like about Ubuntu 12.10 is the option of Disk encryption which is now given as part of the install process. It seems that Canonical has focused on accessibility and this is evident while performing a search in Ubuntu 12.10. Not only do you get local search results, but web results are presented!
Ubuntu has been regarded as the distro for new comers because it offers an excellent GUI, Package management and stabliltiy.


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