Linux Mint 13 vs Ubuntu 12.04

August 12, 2012

What a fantastic finisher at the Olympic games by Usain Bolt in 200m. It is hard to believe that China this time is at the top.
With the increasing release of various Linux Distro’s like Ubuntu, Linux Mint, OpenSUSE, Fedora, Mandriva and Redhat it can be tricky or hard to choose which is the right distro for you. In this article I will compare Linux Mint 13 Vs Ubuntu 12.04.

Linux Mint is a distribution based on Ubuntu which was first released in 2006. Some say Mint is an enhanced version of Ubuntu because it rides on Ubuntu resp. In my opinion I agree to that however Mint is not completely based on based Ubuntu because it has it own unique enhancements such as Unique themes specially made for Mint only.

The main difference between them is just the user interface. Mint is developed by mixing Gnome 2 and 3 features. Fans of 2 appreciated the developers for this. Fedora, OpenSUSE use Gnome 3 to its full capacity and likewise Ubuntu has it own interface i.e. They moved from Gnome 3 to using their own interface called Unity which offers quick access to apps. Its just that Mint took over Unity’s interface and replaced it with MATE and Cinamon

Mint has inbuilt codecs, browser plugins, JAVA configurations and supports DVD playback.

Here is a quick glance at other basic features of Linux Mint

1) Good collection of tools which are developed in house and are very user friendly.

2) Software package manager – APT using DEB packages (This is also compatible with Ubuntu)

3) Versions: Mint has 3 main versions i.e. Gnome(Original Linux Mint is based on this) and KDE

Mint 13 – MAYA has:

1) MATE 1.2
2) Cinamon 1.4
3) MDM
4) Search engines

On the other hand Ubuntu 12.04 has:

1)Unity 3D interface 5.10
2)Unity 2D interface 5.10
3)GNOME 3.4.1
4)Linux kernel 3.2.12
5)Python 2.7.3 and Python 3.2.3

Ubuntu is one of the greatest distros and one of the greatest advantages of Unity interface is that it can run on old machines which run on low hardware specs while Gnome tends to “fallback” on machines with old hardware.
Ubuntu has one of the easiest in built search engines i.e. HUD which is one of the reasons which I really love Ubuntu 12.04
Other reasons are it has a wide support community, has hundreds of technical articles written by experts and some by users. A solution to every kind of software or hardware problem can be found on the Ubuntu community.

In conclusion both Mint and Ubuntu are almost identical and are written on the same kind of code. Given a choice between various distros out there I would go for Ubuntu 12.04