The fastest growing OS

March 24, 2012

Microsoft has indeed done a fantastic job throughout on Windows and demand for Microsoft products was sky rocketing. And I accept that Windows does have a better GUI (Graphical User Interface) which makes it popular than Linux.
However Linux is now over taking windows. A simple example: The sales for Android phones are booming right now in many countries. Android is based on a Linux platform.

According to statistics obtained from , Microsoft’s share fell from 15.1% to 13.2% in 2010. The reason for this is demand for smart phones increased. However Android is still behind RIM and Apple given the continued growth or demand for smart phones stay’s the same then I expect Android to become the dominant smart phone OS.

In my opinion, the new devices currently being developed will run on Android which is Linux. Therefore Windows will just remain nothing more than a simple OS. Show me a phone which runs on a Windows platform today?