Is Windows really helping you?

September 29, 2011

Dear Friends,
For those of you using Windows, I wonder whether you have learnt anything good so far from it…? Try of Linux… A world of new inventions & innovations and it is very helpful for those of you who are interested in Programming, it comes with everything that you need… be it interns of applications it has open office for sound you can you Rhythmbox, for internet you can use Firefox, Evolution mail, to manage downloads you can use Ubuntu One – its a free on line service offered by Ubuntu to store your data for you up to 2GB and finally software upgrades are usually available from the Ubuntu Software centre for free and many more.
With Windows you need to purchase the operating system CD for $200 on top of that you will need to buy an office suite for about (office 2007 costs about $ 120, in addition to that you will require a genuine antivirus to keep you system safe for about $ 40.
Now add up the total, it comes to $ 360.
While with Linux there is no need for an anti virus because the file system are different and viruses can easily be seen on the screen inform of files and you can click on the virus file and press ‘delete’. Again the community for Linux is very wide. Incase you encounter any type of a problem with your Ubuntu, you can post your matter on the Ubuntu site and it will take maximum 3 days for your problem to be solved while Microsoft may take up to 1 month to react to your problem. And the best thing is you can download the system together with everything in it for FREE!.
So for those of you using windows think about it again…

It’s been about 6 month’s that I have been using Linux Ubuntu. Well comparing it with windows, on average if you are surfing the internet when using windows without having an antivirus installed, it takes on average 40 minutes for your windows computer to get infected.

Today’s computer machines are much more faster compared to what they were 10 years back. Then why not use something much more ‘efficient’ which is faster, lighter and safer. Learning with a Windows computer or under any closed-source system is like learning to dance while wearing a body cast.

Again you are hackers favorite targets. Well for those of you using MAC OS X, you are slightly better off only part of the system is open source and you are likely to hit a lot of walls and you have to be careful not to develop the habit of depending on Apple’s source code. I still do not understand why one will use Windows in the information age?